Andrew Wright, dilettante, no fixed address, recently of Berlin Germany now living in Sydney Australia.


  • Promote appreciation and understanding of and inspire meditation on Old English literature, particularly poetry.
  • Explore the usefulness of modern digital technology for amateur readers of Old English Literature.
  • Emphasise the particular relevance of competency in Modern German to the appreciation of Old English Literature.
  • Discuss and review publications in the field with particular emphasis on their usefulness for non-professional readers.
  • Discuss aporias in the field and suggest avenues for research.


I hold no academic position and have no academic qualifications in any of the relevant fields. Therefore nothing I write can be cited as academic authority. If any qualified person should choose to publish material based on this work, the correct attribution is in the form “based on a suggestion from blogger Andrew Wright (deorreader.wordpress.com)”. Using ideas, even from unqualified writers, without attribution is still plagiarism, after all! Authors using my suggestions must take full responsibility for the content of their own publications.


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